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2014 Unit Data (FEO Advice)

All 2014 unit offering data received to 30 June, has been entered in Banner (CRNs created). Work will commence on the DEEWR unit file (first half year of 2014) in early September. Any late additions or amendments to the 2014 unit offering data should be submitted via the request files in SharePoint by Friday 31 August. Please use the ‘Unit Changes after 7 July’ tab for this purpose. FEOs should also send an email to Systems, advising of any change made to the unit data in SharePoint. The 31 August due date will allow sufficient time to prepare and submit the unit file to DEEWR in September.

Please note that any further amendments to 2014 unit offering data, submitted to Systems after 31 August, will require the approval of the Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching). The only exclusion to this requirement is changes to unit quotas, which do not involve zero quotas. Any request, to change a unit quota from or to zero, will still require Associate Dean authorisation.

Systems have added a new tab to the 2014 unit request files in SharePoint, entitled “Prereq & Coreqs”, which records the work undertaken by Systems staff to update pre-requisite data in Banner in January of this year. The columns relating to the January work are locked, however there are additional columns allowing the FEO to record updates to unit pre-requisite data, which have been approved by Academic Board. Please note Systems will only action pre-requisite changes, which have been approved by Academic Board and which include the AB approved date. FEOs should also send an email to Systems, advising of any change made to the pre-requisite data in SharePoint.

Please note Systems are not able to enter “general” pre-requisite data in Banner, (ie where a range of units at a particular level or year are listed as the pre-requisite for a unit). For example, we are unable to enter “Foundation year units or equivalent”, or “Successful completion of at least 4 units of a Master’s degree or equivalent”, or “completion of any 200 level unit” as pre-requisites in Banner. FEOs will need to provide individual unit codes to enter as pre-requisites for a specified unit.

Student Connect Access

Student Systems have developed a new process for staff who wish to apply for Student Connect Access. A new Student Connect Access Request Form has been created for staff who wish to apply for General Access to view Student enrolment details, and Faculty Reports.

If staff wish to apply for Primary Instructor Access to Enter Grades, run the Summary Class List, Grade Authorisation Report, or Grade Distribution Report within the Faculty Services menu, please use the Primary Instructor Access Request Form.

The reason for the new process is make it easier and more efficient for staff when applying.

Student Systems Training

Training on Banner, Student Connect and SARS will run throughout August, please visit the Banner and Student Systems Training web page for session details, dates and times. All module content/training guides will be made available to attendees after each session via the Student Systems Training SharePoint site.

If you are interested in attending a session, or would like more information on the training available, please contact us at systems@acu.edu.au.

To register for training please do so online via your Staff Connect account
When registering please select the ‘Book me on Course’ button, then indicate in the Comments section the date that you are registering for.

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