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Spring B Timetable

The Spring B Timetable is now available.

Semester 2 2013 Timetable

The Published Timetable is available from the links on the Staff and Student Timetabling webpages.

This timetable is now closed for the semester and no further changes are permitted.

Tutorial Direct

Tutorial Direct converts to Read Only mode at 4pm Friday 16 August and students will no longer be able to allocate to classes in the system. Timetabling staff have noted that there are still students who, although enrolled in units, have not allocated to classes through Tutorial Direct. As a result, they will not appear on any class lists.

Web Data Collector

Web Data Collector (WDC) closes at 3pm on Monday 19 August. Due to the ongoing space constraints on all campuses, it is imperative that Schools provide as much information as possible in relation to the scheduling of classes (eg Class must be at 6pm / Class only occurs in first three weeks of semester etc).

You may have also noticed that Timetabling has now moved to a 52 Week pattern for scheduling and Week 1 is now in the first week of January. Please refer to the Timetable Weeks and Corresponding Dates 2014 document for further information.

Important Dates

Date Activity
16 August 2013 Tutorial Direct converts to Read Only mode
19 August 2013 WDC Stage 1 closes at 3pm
21 August 2013 WDC Stage 2 – Staff Availability – opens for data input
30 August 2013 WDC Stage 2 closes at 3pm

Web Room Booker (WRB) and Ad Hoc Room Bookings

Web Room Booker is now available for 2013 bookings into non-teaching spaces. Please refer to the WRB user guide Staff/Tools & Services/Room Bookings Online (How to Book a Room) for more information and advice. Assistance is available from TE&R and Campus Operations staff. WRB is available to all staff with an ACU log in.

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