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2013 Midyear Applications

To date Admissions have received:
  • 796 direct applications
  • 46 postgraduate course transfer applications
  • 6 postgraduate campus transfers
  • 28 undergraduate campus transfers
  • 182 undergraduate course transfers

We have issued:

  • 29 QTAC offers – 20 June offer round
  • 11 PG UAC offers – 20 June
  • 66 UG UAC offers – 20 June
  • 101 UG VTAC offers – 21 June
  • 507 direct offers
  • 42 course transfers
  • 11 conditional offers

We are processing requests to commence in semester 2 after deferment (CD forms) as they are received.

Early Achievers Program 2013/2014

EAP information has now been updated on the website. Admissions staff are currently working on improving of the EAP online application process which will be completed in time for the opening date. Admissions is also currently working on producing instructional videos for EAP which will be available on the website in the near future.
  • EAP applications open – 13 August
  • EAP applications close – 21 October
  • EAP offers be sent – by end of November

Bonus Points Schemes 2014

We are currently working on finalising Bonus Points for semester 1 2014 intake. This information should be updated on the website by next week.

Course Withdrawal

The Bachelor of Theology/Bachelor of Social Work offered at Brisbane campus has been withdrawn from QTAC. No further offers will be made for mid-year 2013 in this course.

Important Information – Winter Term

Any commencing student who is inquiring about enrolling into a Winter term unit after 2 June please request that the student email Admissions with their enquiry.

Last date to commence a Winter unit is the 6th July. All new applicants in selected courses will receive the relevant winter enrolment information link in their offer email.

2014 TAC Applications

  • QTAC opens for Semester 1 and 2 2014 applications on 1 August
  • UAC UG opens for Semester 1 and 2, 2014 applications on 7 August
  • VTAC opens for Semester 1, 2014 applications on 5 August

On-time closing date for all TACs is 27 September.

TAC Courses Semester 1, 2014

See 2014 TAC Course Offerings

Mid-Year Direct Courses on offer 2013

See 2013 Mid-Year DIRECT Course Offerings

TAC Mid-Year 2013 Application Dates

  • QTAC – currently open – major offer round 6 June
  • UAC UG – currently open – main offer round 7 June
  • UAC PG – currently open – offer rounds are progressive from 8 May
  • VTAC – currently open – main offer round 21 June

Mid-Year TAC Courses on offer 2013

See 2013 Mid-Year TAC Course Offerings

Reminder – re Admissions Weekly Team Meetings Please note that Admissions hold their weekly Team Meeting 10:30 am to 11:30 am each Tuesday morning. Anyone trying to contact us during this time will need to leave a message and we will reply as soon as possible in due course.

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