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2013 Re-enrolment

Re-enrolment for 2013 ended on 18 November 2012. Students who have not yet re-enrolled for Semester 1 will need to submit an Late Addition of Unit/s form and will incur a $200 late fee ($150 LATR and $50 LAU).

Mid-year Re-enrolment

If students wish to enrol in any of the following study periods they must enrol between 15 April 2013 and 11 August 2013 using Student Connect.

  • Winter Term
  • Semester 2
  • Spring Term A
  • Spring Term B
Late fee penalties apply to students re-enrolling after 11 August 2013.
(Note - the last day to enrol into a Winter Term unit without a late fee is 2 June 2013).

Dates to add to your favourites


Round 2 Complete

The due date for Round 2 pro formas was 8 March 2013. Any new students identified as being eligible to course complete must be submitted on an Additions pro forma.

Canberra, Ballarat, Brisbane and Sydney Graduation

As the final booklet for Autumn Graduation has been printed, any Additions pro formas that are submitted for students to be course completed must include information as to whether the student is attending either of the upcoming ceremonies at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 May 2013. If Course Completions are not advised of the students’ attendance, they will be processed in the Spring Graduation ceremony in 2013.

To have their award conferred; students must either attend the graduation ceremony or graduate in absentia with their name printed in the graduation booklet. As the final graduation booklet has been printed, any students who are still to be course completed must attend the ceremony to have their award conferred. Alternatively, students can be award conferred and receive their testamur at the next appropriate Spring Graduation ceremony in 2013.

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