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Please email all enquiries to enrolments@acu.edu.au as we are not always able to take your phone calls. The Enrolments inbox is monitored by multiple Enrolments staff whereas personal emails and phones cannot be handled if individual staff members are away from their desk/out of the office. For expedience purposes, please email all enquiries to enrolments@acu.edu.au and we will handle your enquiry presently.

Emailing of Forms

When emailing PDF files of credit/other forms, please include the student’s/s’ details in the body of the email. We are receiving lots of follow ups as to the status of many forms and cannot search our emails without this information, which often results in us having to say that we haven’t received the form when it’s possibly sitting amongst hundreds of PDFs that we physically can’t sift through individually. Your assistance in this matter is most appreciated.

2013 Re-enrolment

Re-enrolment for 2013 ended on 18 November 2012. Students who have not yet re-enrolled for Semester 1 will need to submit an LAU and will incur a $200 late fee ($150 LATR and $50 LAU).

Pre-requisite report

Contact enrolments@acu.edu.au if you would like to receive a report indicating students who have enrolled in a unit/s for Semester 1 without completing the prerequisite requirement.

Dates to add to your favourites


Round 2 Complete

The due date for Round 2 pro formas was 8 March 2013. Any new students identified as being eligible to course complete must be submitted on an Additions pro forma.

Canberra and Ballarat Graduation

The Canberra and Ballarat graduation booklets have now been printed. Any Canberra and Ballarat students assessed for course completion from now on must attend the graduation ceremony to have their award conferred.

Course Coordinators must advise if students will be attending the ceremony in the important notes column on the Additions pro forma. If the student is unable to attend the graduation ceremony, they can have their award conferred at the next available Autumn graduation ceremony. The student can also elect to attend an alternate ceremony or graduate in absentia.

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