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19 March – Reminder emails were sent to students with outstanding balances in Autumn Term 2013.

General Information

Process for Certification of Application for a Tax File Number (TFN) in Semester 1 2013.

  1. The student lodges an application to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). They will receive the TFN within 28days from date of lodgement.
  2. All students who submitted the TFN application up to 3 March 2013 should receive their TFN prior to the census date.
  3. Prior to 4 March 2013 students are to submit the HECS-HELP form online in Student Connect. After the 4 March the student is required to complete a hard copy HECS-HELP form.
  4. Students have until the census date 31 March 2013 to submit the TFN application and the HECS-HELP form to the Fees Section to be eligible to have their student contribution deferred to the Australian Taxation Office through HECS-HELP.
  5. After 31 March 2013, TFN applications will only be accepted on a case by case basis, approval will depend on the circumstances provided by the student.
  6. All students who submitted the TFN application to the Fees Section after 4 March 2013 will be advised by email to visit the Student Centre and submit a HECS-HELP form.
  7. Once the student receives the TFN notice from the ATO this must be forwarded via email or internal mail in confidence to the Fees Section.
  8. Students who have submitted a TFN application to the Fees Section will not be charged a $200.00 late payment fee.

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