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Spring B and Summer A & B Timetables
These timetables are available from the links on the Class Timetables page.

Semester 1 2013 Timetable
The timetable will be published on Monday afternoon. We are very grateful for the assistance received from TLOs and HOS on all campuses in order to complete this scheduling for next semester. In particular, we would like to thank the staff on Brisbane and Strathfield campuses whose timeframes have been shortened due to the uncertainties with space provisions.

Change request spreadsheets will be forwarded to Schools on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Timetabling Policy and Procedures states that changes to the Published Timetable can only be made in response to exceptional circumstances, which include:

  1. unexpected staff illness, resignation etc
  2. a change to sessional staff availability for unforeseeable reasons
  3. changes necessitated by an unexpected increase/decline in enrolment numbers
  4. a scheduled location becomes a health or safety hazard
  5. a unit is removed from offering
  6. reasonable adjustments to accommodate students with special needs
  7. other unforeseeable and extraordinary circumstances outside the control of the Faculty, School or organisational unit.
Should any change requests be made, they must include the reason for the change as well as HOS endorsement. This endorsement should appear in the appropriate column of the Change Request Spreadsheet.


NOTE Where the reason for the change is not in accordance with the circumstances listed above, the change request must also include:

  • an explanation of why the change was not identified in the Draft/Provisional timetable phase and
  • accompanying written (email) approval from the Head of School, otherwise Timetabling staff will be unable to consider actioning these changes.

Where change is approved:

  • the change will be factored into vacant slots in the timetable
  • consequential changes to classes already scheduled will not be made in order to accommodate such changes.

If a post publication request is actioned, the School/organisational unit is responsible for advising affected students via email, and/or other notification.

Tutorial Direct
Tutorial Direct will be open to staff from next Wednesday for buffering, the adjusting of class group sizes either up or down and the application of constraints. Buffering is done by schools, not Timetabling and this process needs to be completed before Tutorial Direct is opened to students.

Constraints concern the allocation of students to particular class groups. As an example, it may be preferable for Paramedicine students to attend particular tutorials, but not Exercise Science students. Constraints may be actioned by following the instructions set out in the User Guide. Other Tutorial Direct user guides are also available via links on the Staff Tutorial Direct webpage, accessed at: http://www.acu.edu.au/staff/student_and_course_management/course_management/tutorial_direct/

Important Dates



10 December

Semester 1 2013 Final Timetable published for students at 4pm EST

12 December

Tutorial Direct open to staff for buffering and application of constraints

30 January

Tutorial Direct opens for Qld students

1 February

Tutorial Direct opens for Vic students

4 February

Tutorial Direct opens for ACT students

5 February

Tutorial Direct opens for NSW students

15 February

Tutorial Direct Forced Sort

25 February

Semester 1 2013 commences

15 March

No further changes to Semester 1 Timetable
Tutorial Direct converted to Read Only mode


Web Room Booker (WRB) and Ad Hoc Room Bookings
Web Room Booker is now available for 2012 bookings into teaching spaces and for 2013 bookings into non-teaching spaces.  Please refer to the WRB user guide Staff/Tools & Services/Room Bookings Online (How to Book a Room) for more information and advice.  Assistance is available from TE&R and Campus Operations staff.  WRB is available to all staff with an ACU log in.

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