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ACU Scholarships and Bursaries
ACU scholarship and bursary applications for 2013 are now open.  Information about the available scholarships and bursaries is located on our Scholarships and Bursaries Browser.

The Faculty of Law – Equity Bursary and Faculty of Law – Executive Dean’s Scholarship will close on Friday 30 November 2012. An email was sent to all VTAC applicants who listed a course in law at ACU as a preference, to bring the scholarship and bursary to their attention. Offers have been emailed to the successful International Student Scholarship (ISS) applicants earlier this week. Emails were also sent out to the unsuccessful applicants and the applicants who are on a list of reserves (who will be offered a scholarship if any successful applicants reject their offer).

Commonwealth Scholarships

Applications for 2013 Commonwealth Scholarships and ACU Equity Bursaries (aka Institution Equity Scholarships) will also close this Friday 30 November 2012.  Information regarding these scholarships is displayed on our Scholarships and Bursaries Browser and a link is provided to UAC, through which applicants must apply (regardless of the state they live in).

To ensure that we are able to respond to your enquiry as promptly as possible please ensure you email scholarships@acu.edu.au for all scholarship enquiries.

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