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2013 Direct Applications
This week saw a dramatic increase in the number of applications received – most significantly for Psychology.  Offers to students for 2013 are now being made.
Stats for this week are:

  • 3081 - direct applications received
  • 395 - offers made
  • 60 - conditional offers made

Psychology Courses/Late applications
Please note applications for all direct admission psychology courses are now closed, except the Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Development (PDPP).

Requests to submit a late application will only be considered if:
  • extenuating circumstances exist, and
  • the potential applicant has approached the Head of School and been approved to seek late consideration, and
  • a detailed request is emailed to the Academic Registrar with official supporting documentation attached (eg medical/death certificates).

If the Academic Registrar and the Admissions Manager approve the submission of a late application a personalised application form will be sent to the applicant for completion.

Educational System Leadership Courses – new closing date
Please note the closing date for both the Postgraduate Certificate in Educational System Leadership (PCESYL) and the Master of Educational System Leadership (MEDSYL) has been extended from 19 October 2012 to the 14 December 2012.

Relevant forms and application dates have been amended on the browser.

2012/2013 Early Achievers’ Program
As of 1 November 1075 EAP applications are now complete and ready for assessment, and 454 applications are pending verification.  Offers will be made by the 14 November.  A total of 15 progressive offers have been made to date to high scoring EAP applicants in courses where the Faculty advised they wanted to make offers.

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