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ACU Scholarships and Bursaries

ACU scholarship and bursary applications for 2013 are now open.  Information about the available scholarships and bursaries is located on our Scholarships and Bursaries Browser.

In conjunction with Partnerships and Development we have recently conducted a review of all ACU scholarship and bursaries rules.  As a result we have standardised the wording and improved the format of the rules.  Our aim is to make the rules more user friendly for students, thereby increasing the number of students applying for scholarships and bursaries.

A big thank you to the Partnerships and Development Office for their work with donors to garner their support of the amended rules and the new selection process (in which the Scholarships Office will select the majority of scholarship and bursary recipients, rather than selection committees doing so).  This will ensure that selection decision making is more consistent across the board, our processes are more streamlined, and the workload of the many high-level staff previously involved in the selection committee meetings will be reduced.

Our thanks also go to IRM for updating all of the rules on the Scholarships and Bursaries Browser.  They did a great job.

Applications for 2013 Commonwealth Scholarships and ACU Equity Bursaries (aka Institution Equity Scholarships) will remain open until 30 November 2012.  Information regarding these scholarships is displayed on our Scholarships and Bursaries Browser and a link is provided to UAC, through which applicants must apply (regardless of the state they live in).

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