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Examination Papers
Examination papers which were not submitted to the Student Centre by last Friday 5 October are now the responsibility of the Lecturer in Charge (LIC) of the unit. All printing requirements for these units must be handled by the LIC. The printed examination papers must be delivered to the Student Centres by Friday 26 October.

Examination Timetables
Campus timetables are available on the Examination Information for Staff web page. Staff members may view any student’s personal examination timetable via the useful link on the bottom of the page. The student identification number will be required.

All students, including those with education inclusion plans, requiring examination adjustments have been timetabled.

Lecturers in Charge of units with central examinations should be familiar with the Examination Procedures for Academic Staff.

We would like to award a ‘gold star’ to the School of Business in North Sydney for their excellent examination processes and procedures.


All emails regarding examinations to examinations@acu.edu.au.


Submission of Results
The timely submission/data entry and finalisation of grades is essential. Not allocating a final grade (ie the grading code is left blank) by the submission due date will create delays in the process, additional administrative work and may result in ineligible students being granted a supplementary assessment. Where a student has unit(s) with no final grade(s) allocated, the unit(s) will be treated as a pass grade until a final result is entered.

Results should only to be left blank if there is outstanding work which hasn't yet been assessed - eg where the student has handed in work, but assessment hasn't been completed, or where the student has approval to hand assessment in late.

Submission of Results via Student Connect  Please refer to the user guides for entering results and the link for Banner reports on the Staff Results page.

Important dates



26 October

Due: Examination Papers printed by LIC to the Student Centres

5 November

Central Examinations Commence

23 November

Central Examinations Conclude

17 – 21 December

Deferred Central Examinations


All emails regarding results to studentresults@acu.edu.au.

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