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Course Advice Sessions
On 5 October 2012 an email containing important information for Course Coordinators who wish to hold Course Advice Sessions (formerly Enrolment Information Sessions) for commencing students will be sent.

Course Advice Sessions are designed to allow Course Coordinators to:

  • meet with commencing students
  • provide an overview of the course
  • offer academic advice regarding the selection of units as well as for credit and/or recognition of prior learning.

Course Advice Sessions are not compulsory. It is up to the individual Schools/Course Coordinators to determine if a Course Advice Session is necessary for a particular cohort.

Dates for the Course Advice Sessions have been scheduled around each offer round.

If holding a Course Advice Session, Course Coordinators will need to nominate the start time and book an appropriate room through Servicedesk. Once you have received confirmation of your room booking, please complete the Course Advice Session Request (http://www.acu.edu.au/staff/student_and_course_management/course_management/course_coordinators_manual/enrolment/forms) no later than Wednesday 17 October 2012.


2013 Re-enrolment Period
Students must re-enrol for the 2013 Academic Year between 8 October - 18 November 2012.
Visit http://students.acu.edu.au/453544 for further information.

Critical and Important Dates 2012 and 2013
Visit Critical Dates for Variation of Enrolment 2012 and 2013.
Visit Important Dates for 2012 and 2013.

All emails regarding enrolments to enrolments@acu.edu.au.

Course Completions

If a student is completing their final semester of their course, they are required to complete an Application to Course Complete (ACC) Form (visit Enrolment Forms) in order to be assessed for course completion.

Students identified as Course Complete after graduation booklet is printed
The Sydney graduation booklet has been printed.   Any student now assessed for course completion must attend the ceremony to have their award conferred.

Course Coordinators now must advise if students will be attending the ceremony in the ‘important notes’ column on the Additions pro forma. If the student is unable to attend the Spring graduation ceremony, they can have their award conferred at the next available Autumn graduation ceremony in 2013.

Students can register to graduate on Student Connect, by simply selecting the location at which they would like to graduate.

All emails regarding course completions to course.completion@acu.edu.au.

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