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ACIR Update
The updating of the ACIR website with all undergraduate course information for 2013 will be finalised by Friday, 31 August. ACIR is the home of publications such as “The Good Universities Guide”.

Course Coordinators Manual
Just a quick reminder to section managers - all updates for the Course Coordinators Manual are due back with IRM by Friday, 14 September. The documents can be found in the Course Coordinators Manual library in SharePoint.

Scribing (converting the course completion requirements from “simple” English into DegreeWorks code) of course rules from 2010 onwards for all courses is continuing. To give everyone an idea of how much work is involved, a course such as the Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology may only take 1-2 hours to scribe and test because the course completion requirements are simple.
However, another course such as the Bachelor of Nursing that has slightly more complicated completion requirements may take 1-2 days to scribe and test.
Courses with extremely complex completion requirements can take weeks to scribe and test.
Since 2010, ACU has approved over 300 courses for offer. Each one of these courses has to be scribed. To complicate the process, every time that a course has a change to its course completion requirements (eg. course review process) or a change to the units being offered for a particular year (eg. introduction of Core Curriculum units) necessitates a new scribe to be undertaken.

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Important Reminders
Work Requests
When submitting work requests, please use the IRM Work Request Form and ensure that
the wording complies with the Student Administration Style Guide in Knowledge Manager.

Student Connect Noticeboard
Changes to the Student Connect Noticeboard should also be submitted via the IRM Upload Request form.  Please remember to visit the noticeboard regularly to ensure it stays current.

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