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Tertiary Admission Centre (TAC) Uploads and International Office Electronic Uploads
The following TAC and International Office Electronic Uploads have been processed:

  • Friday 27th July 2012 - International Office commencing – 7 offers

Degree and Subject records in SOZASTD
Systems regularly receive queries regarding missing subject details for a degree record in the SOZASTD form.  In each case the transcript data and the details in the Academic History and General Student modules of Banner were correct.  However, the subject details are not displaying in SOZASTD.

SOZASTD is an ACU created view based on information from both SHADEGR and SFAREGS/SGASTDN forms.  For records to display correctly in SOZASTD the program, degree and major details must match across the SHADEGR, SFAREGS and SGASTDN forms.  If a Student’s major is changed in SHADEGR but not in the SFAREGS/SGASTDN record in the same study period, then this difference in major records may affect the subject display in the SOZASTD view.

Should Student Administration staff become aware of missing subject details in SOZASTD, please check the student records in SHADEGR and SGASTDN and contact the relevant Section who amended the student records and request the records to be corrected.  If the student records appear to match, and the subject details are still not displaying correctly in SOZASTD, then please contact Systems for investigation.

DEEWR Reporting
The 2013.1.1 Course of Study file has been submitted to DEEWR on 30/07/2012;
The 2013.1.1 Campus file has been submitted to DEEWR on 30/07/2012.

Banner and Student Connect Access

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