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Course Browser 2013
The new Course Browser has now been available for the past couple of weeks with fine-tuning of content almost complete. Applications for admission open on Monday, 6 August.

Handbook 2013
The launch of the 2013 Course Browser has resulted in the Course Rules and Schedule of Unit Offerings sections of Handbook 2013 also being made available from the launch date. Updating of the General Information section of the Handbook is continuing, with the entire handbook for 2013 anticipated to being live in early August.

Any changes made to the handbook course rules will be reflected in the course browser as soon as they have been approved.

Course Costs Database
The Course Cost Database showing “indicative first year costs” for CSP and FEE students for all course/campus offerings has been finalised. These costs have been entered into the SOZCINF screen in Banner and Systems section has been notified. The CSP, FEE and International costs have now been entered into SZACIDF, which are reflected in the Course Browser and the Course Costs database. The Course Costs database will be prepared and available on the web from next week.

During the past week, 720 visits were made to AskACU with the most popular articles being:

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HECS-HELP Eligibility



Important Reminders
Work Requests
When submitting work requests, please use the IRM Work Request Form and ensure that
the wording complies with the Student Administration Style Guide in Knowledge Manager.

Student Connect Noticeboard
Changes to the Student Connect Noticeboard should also be submitted via the IRM Upload Request form. Please remember to visit the noticeboard regularly to ensure it stays current.

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