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Examination Papers
The printing of examination papers not submitted to Student Administration by Friday 2 May have become the responsibility of the Lecturer-in-Charge. The Lecturer-in-Charge must ensure examination papers are printed and delivered to the Student Centre no later than 4:00 pm on Friday 18 May. These late examination papers must be accompanied by an examination paper coversheet and the Examination Paper Checklist and Declaration Form.

Examination papers that are not received by 18 May will be deemed to be School-based examinations and will not be administered centrally. Such examinations will remain on the published timetable and will retain the room allocation; however, supervision and other requirements of the examination will be the responsibility of the School.

Deferred Examinations
To apply for a deferred examination/s, students must submit a Deferred Examination Application (DE) online form with the required documentary evidence no later than five working days after the scheduled examination/s. Examples of acceptable grounds and a list of appropriate documentary evidence are given on the Deferred Examination web page.


Results for all units in standard semesters must be submitted within two weeks of the nominated examination date.

Results should only remain blank if all assessment requirements have not been completed.

Submission of Results via Student Connect is TE&Rs recommended method. Please refer to the user guides for entering results and the link for Banner reports on the Staff Results page.

Important Dates



18 May

DUE: Examination Papers printed by LIC

28 May to 15 June

Central Examination Period

11 May

DUE: MBA Term B (201212)

17 May

Release: MBA Term B (201212)

1 June

DUE: Trimester 1 (201232)

5 June

Release: Trimester 1 (201232)

15 June

DUE: Autumn Term (201235)

15 June

DUE: Semester 1 units with a week 1 or no examination

19 June

Release: Autumn Term (201235)

22 June

DUE: Semester 1 units with week 2 examination

29 June

DUE: Semester 1 units with week 3 examination and unit entered online

4 July

ROLL: All Semester 1 results

5 July

Release: Semester 1 results to students

9 to 15 July

Deferred Examination Period


All emails regarding exams to examinations@acu.edu.au
All emails regarding results to studentresults@acu.edu.au

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