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Major changes are required to the Strathfield draft examination timetable due to major construction activities. We appreciate the support and understanding shown by the staff on campus.

The final examination timetables will be available on Monday 16 April.

With the significant increase in student numbers across the University, increased pressure has been placed on scheduling exams. While the Examinations unit will do all it can to schedule examinations as requested, please be aware there may be a need for LICs to provide alternative examination papers.
This is particularly relevant for units with large student numbers, where it is impossible to schedule a single examination sitting.  Other circumstances which may require the provision of multiple exam papers are:

  • Where students with Education Inclusion Plans (EIPs), require examination adjustments. &;In the event of a specified adjustment that requires a spread of examinations for a student, the student may be required to sit the examination in an alternative exam session on either side of, and as close as possible to, the scheduled examination time.  It should also be noted that examination adjustment requirements are not available to the Examination unit until the Friday of lecture week 9. 
  • For computer based exams, it will not be possible to schedule single exam seatings for units where the number of students enrolled in the unit exceeds the number of computers available on the campus. Number of computers available for exams on each campus:
  • Ballarat - 20
  • Brisbane – 70
  • Canberra – 24
  • Melbourne – 105
  • North Sydney – 125
  • Strathfield – 50
  • Where students are not available to sit exams during a minimum of two weeks of the three week exam period, because of practical placement requirements the students may be required to apply for deferred exams, as per Section 6 Examinations in courses with professional experience requirements, of the Examinations Policy and Procedures - Staff.

Examinations will be scheduled as outlined in the Examination Policy and Procedures – Staff.  Lecturers-in-Charge of should be familiar with the Examination Policy and Procedures – Staff; the Examination Policy and Procedures – Students and the Guidelines for Heads of Schools and Lecturers on Disability Examination Adjustments.


Results for all units in standard semesters must be submitted within two weeks of the nominated examination date.

Results should only remain blank if all assessment requirements have not been completed.

Submission of Results via Student Connect is TE&Rs recommended method. Please refer to the user guides for entering results and the link for Banner reports on the Staff Results page.

Where a student cannot be awarded a final grade for a unit at the end of the study period, the grade will remain blank. If no final result grade has been assigned to the unit within twelve months of the end of the study period, the blank grade will be converted to Fail – NN. Once all blank grades are rolled to fail, the term code is removed from the nightly run on the Student System. No further grades entered for the term will be registered on the student's transcript.

Important Dates



10 April

DUE: Comments on draft examination timetable

10 April DUE: Examination Clash Form - online
10 April ROLL: Results - Research A Term (201217)
11 April RELEASE: Research A Term (201217)
13 April ROLL: Blank 201117 to Fail (NN)
16 April FINAL Examination Timetable published

All emails regarding exams to examinations@acu.edu.au
All emails regarding results to studentresults@acu.edu.au

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