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Late Addition of Unit
The last day to add a unit for Semester 1 2012 via Student Connect was 4 March 2012. Students can submit a Late Addition of Unit (LAU) form which requires approval by the Course Coordinator after consultation with the Lecturer-in-Charge. A $50 late fee applies between 5 March and 31 March 2012.

Student Schedule report in Student Connect
The Student Schedule report in Student Connect is an easy to use report that can provide you with an Excel (or HTML) spreadsheet displaying total student loads in any given course or study period, instantly highlighting over-enrolled students.

To access this report, follow these simple steps:

  1. Login in to Student Connect and click Faculty Reports > Student Schedule – HTML or Excel.
  2. Using the drop down menus, select the Term-Code, Campus-Code, Degree-Code, and (if required) Major-Code for the desired degree.
  3. Click the Excel Report Type button.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. When the File Download window appears click Open (or Save if you would like to save a copy to your hard drive).
    1. Excel may ask you to verify that the file is not corrupted – if you see this window click Yes.
  6. Once the Excel file opens, highlight column D TOTAL_LOAD and click Sort & Filter > Sort Largest to Smallest.
    1. Excel may ask  if you would like to expand the selection – if you occurs choose Expand the selection and click Sort.
  7. Any student with a TOTAL_LOAD value of 0.5 or more may be over-enrolled in your chose semester.

Scrolling right will display all units that each student is enrolled in for your chosen semester up to a total of seven units.

Critical and Important Dates 2012
Visit Critical Dates for Variation of Enrolment 2012.
Visit Important Dates for 2012.


Course Completion

All pro formas returned by 23 March 2012 have been processed and academic transcripts sent.

The due date for Additions pro formas for the Autumn Graduation ceremonies was 2 March 2012.

Canberra Graduation
The Canberra graduation booklet has now been printed. Any Canberra, National or Online students now assessed for course completion must be in attendance to have their award conferred at the Canberra ceremony.

Course Coordinators must advise if students will be attending the ceremony in the important notes column on the Additions pro forma. If the student is unable to attend the graduation ceremony, they can have their award conferred at the next available Autumn graduation ceremony. The student can elect to attend an alternate ceremony or graduate in absentia.

Students expecting to complete the requirements of their course in 2012 are to submit their Application to Course Complete (ACC) form online via the ACU website.

Please direct all Enrolment related queries to enrolments@acu.edu.au
Please direct all Course Completion related queries to course.completion@acu.edu.au

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