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Deferred Examinations
Deferred examinations were held 12 to 16 December.

A student who, through illness or other exceptional cause beyond the candidate’s control, failed to attend a deferred examination may apply for alternative assessment. The application should normally be lodged directly with the Course Coordinator no more than five working days after the day of the original deferred examination. Approval will only be granted in exceptional cases and should not be assumed to be automatic. Students are instructed to complete an Application for Special Consideration to apply.

An examination or alternative assessment may be deferred no more than twice (after the original scheduled examination). If the student is again unable to undertake the examination or assessment, further deferral will not be granted and the Course Coordinator will be required to provide a final result for the unit. If the student is able to provide evidence of continuing exceptional circumstances, the Course Coordinator, after consultation with the student, may recommend to the Head of School that:

  • the student’s enrolment in the relevant unit be cancelled without academic penalty (but with financial liability); or
  • other assessment accommodation(s) be made, having regard to the circumstances of the case.


Results for all units in standard semesters must be submitted within two weeks of the nominated examination date.

Results should only remain blank if all assessment requirements have not been completed.

Submission of Results via Student Connect is TE&Rs recommended method. Please refer to the user guides for entering results and the link for Banner reports on the Staff Results page.

Where a student cannot be awarded a final grade for a unit at the end of the study period, the grade will remain blank. If no final result grade has been assigned to the unit within twelve months of the end of the study period, the blank grade will be converted to Fail – NN.

Important Dates



6 Jan Due: Results from Semester 2 Deferred Examinations (201160)
13 Jan Due: Spring Term B (201175)
13 Jan Due: Research D Term (201177)
13 Jan Due: Trimester 3 (201172)


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