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Deferred Examinations
All Applications for Deferred Examinations must be submitted online. The Deferred Applications and all documentary evidence must be submitted within 5 working days of the scheduled examination. Examples of acceptable grounds for a deferred examination and of appropriate documentary evidence are listed on the Deferred Examinations web page. A Professional Authority Section 'Supplement' (DE Form) may be completed in lieu of a medical certificate. Applications for deferral of central examinations cannot be approved by LICs or Schools.

All examination rooms for each unit are shown on the Semester 2 2011 Final Central Examination Timetables available on the Examination Information for Staff web page.


Emails will be sent to all students enrolled in Semester 2 units outlining their results on Wednesday evening, 7 December after the results have rolled. Final results will be released online on Thursday 8 December at 4:30 pm EDST.

Results for all units in standard semesters must be submitted within two weeks of the nominated examination date.

Results should only remain blank if all assessment requirements have not been completed.

Academic Regulations:

7.1.9 Extension for an assessment task
A student may apply to the Lecturer-in-Charge for an extension to the submission date of an assessment task. Requests for extension must be made on the appropriate form on or before the due date for submission, and must demonstrate exceptional circumstances which warrant the granting of an extension.
Assessment tasks submitted after the due or extended date will incur a 10% penalty of the maximum marks available for that assessment task. Assessment tasks received more than three calendar days after the due or extended date will not be allocated a mark.
Unless otherwise specified in the Unit Outline, an extension of time will not normally be available for tests such as:

  1. in-class tests;
  2. laboratory exercises or tests;
  3. computer or online exercises or tests using the University's Learning Management System or similar technology;
  4. Similar tests specified in the Unit Outline.

7.3 Assessment grades
7.3.1 Time for completion of unit requirements
A student will complete the assessment requirements for all relevant units no later than the end of the examination period for the relevant study period.

7.3.2 Result grades Unit grading codes
All units will be assessed and recorded according to the codes listed in Table 1. Where a student cannot be awarded a final grade for a unit at the end of the study period, the grade will remain blank. If no final result grade has been assigned to the unit within twelve months of the end of the study period, the blank grade will be converted to Fail – NN.

Submission of Results via Student Connect

Important Dates



31 Oct to 18 Nov

Semester 2 Central Examinations period

8 Nov

Released: Results Term 2 East Timor (201158)

8 Nov

Released: Results Spring A (201165)

18 Nov

Due: Results Semester 2 Week 1 examinations and Results from units with no central examination

18 Nov

Roll to Fail: Blank results Spring A 2010 (201065)

25 Nov

Due: Results Semester 2 Week 2 examinations

2 Dec

Due: Results Semester 2 Week 3 examinations

2 Dec

Deferred Examination Timetable published

7 Dec pm

Email sent to students detailing Semester 2 results

8 Dec

Released: Semester 2 results (201160)

12 to 16 Dec

Deferred Central Examinations held

16 Dec

Roll to Fail: Blank results Semester 2 2010 (201060)

6 Jan

Due: Results from Semester 2 Deferred Examinations (201160)

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