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Re-enrolment Time ticket
Students enrolled in Diploma or Certificate programs are not automatically issued with a 2012 re-enrolment time ticket, as most courses are completed within one year. If a Course Coordinator becomes aware of a student in a Diploma or Certificate program who is required to re-enrol in the same program in 2012, please email EF&S Section to request a time ticket to be issued.

Email enrolments@acu.edu.au and provide the following information:<

  • Name:
  • Student ID Number:
  • Current Course:
  • Campus:
2012 Re-enrolment
Re-enrolment for 2012 is now open. Continuing students can now re-enrol for 2012 using Student Connect between 10 October and 20 November.

Students who do not re-enrol by 20 November will incur a late fee.

Enrolment Information Sessions
Enrolment Information Session details have been uploaded to the ACU website.

Critical and Important Dates 2012
The Critical Dates for Variation of Enrolment and Important Dates for 2012 are now available on the ACU website.
Visit Critical Dates for Variation of Enrolment for 2011 and 2012.
Visit Important Dates for 2011 and 2012.

An email has been sent to Heads of School & Assistant Heads of School to confirm the names of Course Coordinators and Administrative staff that will have authority to forward completed pro formas for course completion.

Please email course.completion@acu.edu.au to notify any changes by COB Thursday 17 November.

Students expecting to complete the requirements of their course in 2011 are to submit their Application to Course Complete (ACC) form online via the ACU website.

Every pro forma returned by 14 November has been processed and Academic Transcripts sent.

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