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Deferred Examinations
All Applications for Deferred Examinations must be submitted online. The Deferred Applications and all documentary evidence must be submitted within 5 working days of the scheduled examination. Examples of acceptable grounds for a deferred examination and of appropriate documentary evidence are listed on the Deferred Examinations web page. A Professional Authority Section 'Supplement' (DE Form) may be completed in lieu of a medical certificate. Applications for deferral of central examinations cannot be approved by LICs or Schools.

All examination rooms for each unit are shown on the Semester 2 2011 Final Central Examination Timetables available on the Examination Information for Staff web page.


Emails will be sent to all students enrolled in Semester 2 units outlining their results on Wednesday evening, 7 December after the results have rolled. Final results will be released online on Thursday 8 December at 4:30 pm EDST.

Results are due as outlined in Important Dates - Semester 2 2011 on the Results web page.

Results for all units in standard semesters must be submitted within two weeks of the nominated examination date. Results for units taught in non-standard study periods are normally submitted within two weeks of the completion of the unit and examinations for units offered in non-standard study periods are arranged and conducted by the relevant School.

Submission of Results via Student Connect

Important Dates



31 Oct to 18 Nov

Semester 2 Central Examinations period

8 Nov

Released: Results Term 2 East Timor (201158)

8 Nov

Released: Results Spring A (201165)

18 Nov

Due: Results Semester 2 Week 1 examinations and Results from units with no central examination

18 Nov

Roll to Fail: Blank results Spring A 2010 (201065)

25 Nov

Due: Results Semester 2 Week 2 examinations

2 Dec

Due: Results Semester 2 Week 3 examinations

2 Dec

Deferred Examination Timetable published

7 Dec pm

Email sent to students detailing Semester 2 results

8 Dec

Released: Semester 2 results (201160)

12 to 16 Dec

Deferred Central Examinations held

16 Dec

Roll to Fail: Blank results Semester 2 2010 (201060)

6 Jan

Due: Results from Semester 2 Deferred Examinations (201160)

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