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Scholarships and Bursaries Browser
The Scholarships and Bursaries Browser has been revamped. Students can now filter the list of scholarships by Campus, Commencing/Continuing, Indigenous/Non-Indigenous/International, Faculty, and/or Undergraduate/Postgraduate. This is a huge improvement as students can dramatically reduce the long list of scholarships that they may be eligible for, rather than reading through all of the scholarship rules (including those scholarships that they are not eligible to apply for).

The Scholarships Office will close on 3 November to allow time to work on implementing major improvements within the Section.

ACU Scholarships and Bursaries
Applications for 2012 ACU Scholarships and Bursaries are now open. Application is made via the Scholarships and Bursaries Browser.

The first round of offers have been made to applicants for the International Student Scholarship for 2012. Applicants have until Friday, 11 November to respond to the offer via email.

Commonwealth Scholarships
Final applications for 2012 close Wednesday, 30 November. Information about these scholarships can be found on the Scholarships and Bursaries Browser, along with a link to the UAC website.

Final Scholarship and Bursary payments for Semester 2 2011
All eligible scholarship recipients have now been paid for Semester 2 2011.

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