Admissions Section

Admissions has responsibility for all matters related to application, assessment, selection and admission for all undergraduate and postgraduate courses (except research higher degrees and international applicants) on all campuses, as well as on and off-shore sites.

Our responsibilities regarding admission of students to ACU include:

  • Coordination of course availability on the Course Browser for each admissions cycle;
  • Processing direct online applications;
  • Coordinating the admission of applicants who apply through Tertiary Admissions Centres (TACs);
  • Processing specialist cohorts to ACU programs located at on and off-shore sites;
  • Processing internal course and campus transfer applications;
  • Processing applications for deferment;
  • Coordinating the ACU course information and advice for TAC Guides and websites;
  • Administering the application and offering process for ACU's Early Achievers Program (EAP);
  • Administering the application of bonus points via each TAC.

Admissions can be contacted at