Release of Results

The finalisation of UNCC results at the end of any study period is subject to a number of processes.

Tutors are unable to begin marking until after moderation of samples is undertaken. This occurs within three days of submission of final projects or the sitting of an exam, in three stages:

  • At the local level, with all tutors on any one campus moderating a set of samples;
  • At the national level, with campus leaders from each campus moderating the same samples;
  • With feedback to tutors provided in the LEO staff site, including annotated examples.

Submission dates for final projects are often late in semester for streams where students are required to be off campus for a period of time on placements or clinicals. This may delay the submission of results by tutors.

On submission of final results to the Core Curriculum Administration Team, collation across all campuses and analysis of results is undertaken. The Core Curriculum Implementation Committee then meets to check and review all results—at the level of the individual tutor, by campus, and nationally. Where anomalies are evident, tutors are asked to review results. It is only after ratification by the CCIC that results can be released to other faculties or schools.

Results are uploaded to Banner centrally in campus-based files. Because of the size of the upload, this can take several days to complete.

Delays in individual results may occur where the outcomes of investigations into Academic Honesty procedures are pending, or where students have been granted extensions or special consideration.