Delivery Modes

Delivery Modes

Mixed mode (extended): normal week-by-week offering in semester 1 or 2. It is multi-mode because students access all teaching and learning materials through LEO (there are no lectures) and attend class on campus on a weekly basis depending on streams. Students complete either short tests or multiple choice quizzes in each of sessions 2-10, and a 2000-word project, which is submitted approximately 10 days after the conclusion of classes.

Mixed mode (intensive): summer and winter offerings where students attend classes on campus for an extended period of 3-4 hours per session and are expected to have worked through LEO materials prior to the first class and between subsequent classes. Intensive mode spans a period of 3 weeks full time. A typical pattern would be as follows:

Week 1
Students commence set sequence of LEO materials

Week 2
Class Monday x 3 hours
Students continue with further sequence of LEO  materials
Class Friday x 4 hours, including exam

Week 3
Students continue with further sequence of LEO  materials
Class Friday x 3 hours
Students complete project for submission some weeks  later

UNCC100 and UNCC300 are offered in fully online mode as an alternative to face to face classes. The units are run over an extended semester of 15 weeks to allow for student placements if required. Assessment is by means of a folio of short written responses, an on-campus exam and a major project. Attendance at a face to face orientation session and online tutorials is mandatory for this mode of study. Students will need an appropriate headset with microphone to participate in the online tutorials.