Apply to teach

If you are interested in teaching in the Core Curriculum or know of other suitably qualified people (a minimum master’s level degree is required, and teaching qualifications and experience are highly desirable) the following may be a assistance:

Criteria for selection of University Core Curriculum Unit tutors:

  1. Good will, open-heartedness and an interest in engaging with the ACU Mission and its meaning in theory and in practice;
  2. Respect for ACU’s Catholic identity;
  3. Commitment to engage with the prepared content, activities and resources;
  4. Strong team skills (e.g., in sharing strategies, supporting the team, and in moderation processes);
  5. Capacity to relate well to students;
  6. Ability to motivate student attendance, to facilitate their involvement and engage them positively and constructively in the Core Curriculum materials;
  7. Interest in bringing interdisciplinary perspectives to the material.

Process for selection of lecturers for University Core Curriculum unit teaching:

  • Continuing staff should first confer with their Head of School (HOS) about possible assignment to teach in the University Core Curriculum units;
  • Those interested should provide a one-page expression of interest together with a brief CV, addressed (by email) to the Core Curriculum Manager, Ms Kathryn Boyle;
  • Interviews will be conducted on a bi-annual basis;
  • any offer of teaching load is made in consultation with the HoS of continuing staff members.

All staff members are supported by the provision of Professional Development activities at the beginning of each semester and by Campus Leaders and team members. Regular staff support opportunities are provided throughout the semester.