All ACU Staff Contribute to the Core Curriculum

Everyone who works at Australian Catholic University contributes in some way to the Core Curriculum.

At the most fundamental level, all members of staff have an impact on the way in which the University lives out and communicates its mission.

Within undergraduate programs, many staff members will teach units that have been identified by their faculties as “Program Core Curriculum Units.” In seeking to have these units approved as Program Core Curriculum Units, faculties were required to write a detailed rationale for how these particular units contribute to the Core Curriculum as a whole. These justifications will normally appear added to the generic unit outlines, underneath the unit description. This is a signal to staff members teaching the units that they have a special responsibility to highlight values and themes from the University Core Curriculum Units as they teach these Program Units. The justifications are also copied into the extended unit outlines so that students are aware that the units form part of the Core Curriculum.

Some staff members also elect to become part of the large team teaching within the University Core Curriculum units. It is particularly important that staff members from all faculties are involved at this level: having teachers with a range of different disciplinary backgrounds enriches the student experience immeasurably, and gives credence to the Core Curriculum as a whole of University initiative.