Career and Performance Planning for Professional Staff

The Performance Review and Planning (PRP) process is important as it provides a mechanism to align staff performance and development with University’s strategic priorities. The involvement of all staff members is a key contributor to the University performing against new and emerging quality standards. The PRP  process benefits staff by providing an opportunity to reflect on work achievements and receive feedback from their nominated supervisor about these, as well as being a prompt for staff members to consider their future career aspirations, and their career and professional development priorities. It also provides the opportunity for the nominated supervisor to provide guidance and support regarding the staff member’s career aspirations.

The Performance Review and Planning (PRP) Process for Professional Staff includes:

  • A principles-based, concise policy;
  • The linking of performance objectives with University and Organisational Unit Strategic Plans to clarify staff contributions to the University;
  • A behavioural competency assessment that acknowledges staff commitment to the Mission and values of the University, and provides the opportunity for this to be considered in the context of overall performance;
  • The inclusion of the Leadership Competency Framework, which identifies the key behaviours and attributes of ACU’s leaders that will support the strategic direction of the University;
  • The facilitation of a discussion between you and your supervisor about your short and long term career aspirations. This is the opportunity for you to focus on career planning and the identification of your development needs.

The PRP Form consists of two parts:

Part A: The Annual Performance Review which involves the identification of achievements against the objectives identified in the previous year’s plan.

Part B:The Annual Performance Plan which involves the recording of career goals, performance objectives and professional development and career planning for the next 12 months.

Note: The PRP cycle is normally twelve months in duration, with all forms for Professional Staff required to be completed during the period January to June each year. Training on the PRP process will be available to you and your supervisors from January to June each year.

To access the Policy and Form, visit the Performance Review and Planning for Professional Staff policy page.