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Staff Connect

Staff Connect is an intranet-based payroll, leave and  personal data environment that enables you to perform many tasks, including  viewing and printing your pay slip, viewing leave balances, including future  leave, viewing history of leave taken, for applying for most types of leave and  for maintaining personal details.

Staff Connect is designed to provide staff and supervisors  with a self-help facility for easily accessing and managing a range of  personal, payroll, leave and administrative information online using a standard  web browser.

Staff Connect Online Training (SCOT), has been created to  facilitate new staff utilise Staff Connect for the first time, as well as  existing staff looking for some confirmation of a particular aspect of the  system. Within SCOT, you can access written explanations, screen captures and  flash video demonstrations of the functionality within Staff Connect. Access to  SCOT will be available via the footer page links within Staff Connect.

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