Salary Packaging

ACU offers salary packaging which enables you to receive part of your income in the form of benefits, rather than receiving it all as salary, to potentially maximise ‘take home’ remuneration.

Selectus is our salary packaging provider. Dependent on individual circumstance, you may have access to the following benefit items for salary packaging purposes:

Category A (FBT Exempt) Benefit Items:

  • Personal Portable Computers – Notebook/ Laptop
  • Car Parking
  • Superannuation (must be a complying fund)
  • Financial Counselling Fees
  • Salary Packaging Administration Fees

Category B (Concessionally Taxed) Benefit Items

  • Motor Vehicle (for private use) via Novated Leases

Category C (Full FBT) Benefit Items

  • Own Home Mortgage Payments
  • Private Home Rental Payments
  • Amounts payable on or amounts already paid off credit cards (not debit cards)

To discuss your options, or for further information, please contact the Senior Administrative Officer, Superannuation and Salary Packaging on (02) 9701 4343, read the Salary Packaging Policy or visit the Selectus website.