Recreational/Annual Leave

Information on annual leave entitlement, public and University holidays. Details on annual leave loading are also available. 

Long Service Leave

Information on long service leave entitlements. 

Personal/Carers Leave

Information on your entitlement to leave for personal, health and other circumstances. 

Parental Leave

Information on your entitlement to leave associated with the raising and care of children under school age. 

Compassionate Leave

Information on your leave entitlement in the event of personal injury/illness/death of immediate family/household member/relative. 

Leave Without Pay

Information on the option to request leave without pay for up to 2 years. 

All other forms of Leave

Community Service, Australian Defence Forces Reserves, Trade Union Training, Extraordinary Leave, Leave Arrangements for Senior Staff, Living Organ Donor Leave and Support for Victims of Family/Domestic Violence. 

Leave Management

For managers and supervisors: This conversation guide provides information for the effective management, discussion and planning of staff member’s annual and long service leave.