Work/Life Balance

ACU offers a number of flexible working options because we understand how important it is for you to be able to balance your roles and responsibilities at work, at home and in the community.

Providing flexible working options that support you to manage your work life balance is beneficial in a number of ways, including allowing enhanced:

  • Motivation and productivity
  • Health and wellbeing of our staff
  • Ability to attract and retain high performing staff
  • Development of the capability of staff to meet future challenges

We recognise that peoples' work life balance needs change over time, as people move through transitions in their lives, and we provide policies that allow the flexibility to accommodate changing needs.

Needs that may include:

  • Family responsibilities, such as parenting  and elder care
  • Vocational education for personal and professional development
  • Cultural responsibilities or commitments
  • Volunteering or community engagement activities outside work
  • Managing health/medical issues while in paid work for self or a family member
  • Reduced working hours whilst phasing in or out of paid work
  • Learn more about flexible working arrangements.


Supporting Parents at ACU

ACU also provides resources to help parents with work/life balance - please see the Supporting Parents at ACU Information Kit to see what resources are provided for parents and parents-to-be at the University.