Chemical Management

Maintaining chemical inventories within Chemwatch

If your organisational area holds chemical substances, you are required to maintain chemical registers on the online Chemwatch database.    Hard copy registers, accompanied by safety data sheet libraries, should also be downloaded from the database and placed in accessible locations for all users of chemicals.

ACU subscribes to the Chemwatch inventory management database to support organisational units to identify hazards related to chemical substances, manage risks and to comply with chemical regulations - including appropriate labelling and register maintenance.

Chemwatch offers:
  • Easy access to one page safety data sheet summaries;
  • Hazard information;
  • Access to full safety data sheets :
  • Downloads of chemical labels; and
  • Risk management tools.
How to access Chemwatch
All users, including staff members and students, can view ACU’s entire inventory of chemicals on Chemwatch.  Visit for more information and view the e-learning module, at the top of the screen, once you have logged into the database. Obtain Chemwatch login details.
Chemical Management Procedure

Organisational areas are also applying the ACU Chemical Management Procedure to improve health and safety outcomes.  The Laboratory Safety Guidelines also provides guidance about effective practices within laboratories.

Managing chemical risks

ACU has an ongoing commitment to improve its management of risks within laboratories, on the University’s construction sites and within maintenance areas. The formal assessment of hazards and risks associated with chemical substances should be conducted by using one of ACU’s two WHS risk management forms or the Chemwatch Risk Management Module. The WHS Risk Management Procedure provides guidance on which tools are most appropriate for managing specific risks.

The WHS forms and risk management module support organisational units and student organisations to identify hazards and assess and manage a range of risks whenever they are not easily identified and resolved, which may be present within a diverse range of working and learning areas.  The forms can be used to assess risks associated with categories of chemicals, emergency responses and general laboratory risks. Chemwatch Risk Management Module is ideal for assessing hazards and manage the risks associated with individual chemical substances. A broad range of chemical and general hazards within the laboratory environment can also be identified by using the Laboratory Inspection Checklist.