Resources factsheet

General information

Staff wellbeing
Employee Assistance Program
The EAP is a confidential counselling service available to ACU staff and their immediate family.  It is available to staff as a resource during parental leave.
Counselling can be provided face-to-face or over the telephone for personal or work-related issues.  Tailored over-the-phone perinatal counselling sessions are also available to support women through pregnancy and the first years of their baby’s life. Contact EAP on 1800 818 728.

Parental Leave
Parental Leave Policy
This policy outlines the provisions and requirements for organising parental leave, foster parent leave and child rearing leave.

Work-life Balance
Work-life Balance Statement
This statement summarises flexible working arrangement, leave arrangements, career development opportunities and employee welfare initiatives.

Flexible Working Arrangements
Flexible Working Arrangements for General Staff Policy
This policy outlines the options available for flexible arrangements in regards to working hours.

Breastfeeding Policy Breastfeeding @ ACU website
Find out about arrangements and facilities for breastfeeding at ACU.

Children of Staff and Students on University Premises Procedure
Read the ACU procedures on bringing children onto University premises.

Ergonomically correct workstations
Workplace ergonomics presentation
Are you sitting well at your workstation?  Maximise your day-to-day comfort and efficiency with these handy hints.

Information for Women Academics only

Childcare support
Childcare Support for Women Academic Staff Policy
Learn about childcare support available to female academic staff.

Research awards
Research Awards for Women Academic Staff Policy
ACU is committed to the ongoing support of women academic staff members who resume work at ACU following a period of parental leave.  These Awards are designed to assist women academic staff to re-establish their research profile.