Preparing to return to work: Supervisor and staff member checklist

Checklist 3: Returning to work

There are a number of provisions at ACU that can help parents in organising their return to work and resources to help parents at whilst at work.

Supervisor checklist

  1. Prepare for the staff member’s return, which should be similar to the new starter process.
  2. Organise any handover or flexibility arrangements that will need to occur.
  3. Plan re-entry into the workplace with the staff member.
  4. Advise Human Resources of any change in the staff member’s working arrangements, e.g. reduced part-time hours.
  5. If the staff member is interested in taking child rearing leave – their supervisor and a HR Officer should discuss their plans with them and decide how the University will keep in touch with them whilst they are on child rearing leave.
  6. Advise new parents of the resources available to help them as they adjust to balancing parenthood and working life.
  7. Check-in with the staff member once they have returned to work, to see how they are settling in.

Staff member checklist

  1. Participate in conversations with your supervisor to review your return to work arrangements.