Preparing for leave: Supervisor checklist

Checklist 1: Getting ready

The key to a smooth transition from taking parental leave to returning to work is effective and ongoing communication between the staff member and their supervisor.  The first step is to start planning early to make sure that all the necessary arrangements can be made.

Supervisor checklist

  1. Ensure you are familiar with the relevant policies and guidelines, such as the Flexible Work Arrangements and the Parental Leave Policy (please see the Resources Factsheet for more information).
  2. Meet with the staff member to discuss their parental leave plans and the options for staying in touch while they are on parental leave.
  3. Diarise when to make contact and send information to the staff member as agreed.
  4. Consider how the staff member’s work will be managed while they are on leave.
  5. Prepare transition for handover to the staff member/s filling the role or conducting work activities during the parental leave period.
  6. Be aware that in the last six weeks of pregnancy, fitness for work is a consideration.