During parental leave: Supervisor checklist

Checklist 2: Staying connected

Parents can find the transition back to work much easier if they are given the opportunity to stay connected to their workplace whilst on parental leave. Staff can choose to stay connected with their work unit and the University while on parental leave in a number of ways.  This ensures that they are kept informed about significant changes within their work unit, career development and/or advancement opportunities, University events and announcements.  Staff should be given the opportunity to attend paid professional development activities and work unit planning days which is, as a principle, supported by legislation in the Federal Government’s Paid Parental Leave Scheme.  Staff should be invited to work unit celebratory and social events such as morning and afternoon teas, lunches and farewells.

Supervisor checklist

  1. Keep in contact as agreed with the staff member.
  2. Notify the staff member of any vacancies, learning and development opportunities, or major changes in the work area during the parental leave period.
  3. Invite the staff member to social events such as the Christmas party (attendance is of course optional).
  4. Make provisions to invite and include the staff member in development activities, work unit planning days, meetings, and training programs that will assist the staff member to keep their skills and knowledge up to date as relevant for their role. These days are arranged by agreement between the supervisor and the staff member and should be paid.