During parental leave: Staff member checklist

Checklist 2: Staying connected

Parents can find the transition back to work much easier if they are given the opportunity to stay connected to their workplace whilst on parental leave. Staff can choose to stay connected with their work unit and the University while on parental leave in a number of ways.  This ensures that they are kept informed about significant changes within their work unit, career development and/or advancement opportunities, University events and announcements.  Staff should be given the opportunity to attend paid professional development activities and work unit planning days which is, as a principle, supported by legislation in the Federal Government’s Paid Parental Leave Scheme.  Staff should be invited to work unit celebratory and social events such as morning and afternoon teas, lunches and farewells.

Staff member checklist

  1. Communicate with the University if there are any changes in the leave requirements and respond to follow up by the University in a reasonable timeframe.
  2. You need to provide at least two months’ written notice to your supervisor of your intention/non intention to return to work following parental leave, so have a discussion with your supervisor before this so you plan for your return to work before your period of parental leave expires and within minimum timelines. The discussion should include the following:
    - confirmation of your anticipated return to work date;
    - your hours of work (full time, part time, fractional);
    - your role;
    - your return to work plan;
    - orientation back into the workplace;
    - any special requirements you may have such as working flexible hours  (e.g. for time to express/breastfeed); and
    - whether you are considering child rearing leave (refer to Parental Policy for further details).
  3. Formalise the arrangements by confirming them in writing to ensure that everyone is clear, and so you are providing the necessary two months’ written notice to your supervisor.  This can be amended once, by you giving four weeks’ written notice.
  4. Confirm your child care plans.
  5. Manage your own wellbeing prior to returning to work. The Resources Factsheet has a list of websites, programs and ACU policies that may assist you.