Equal Opportunity

ACU’s Equal Opportunity Policy supports the principles of equity in employment and education for its staff and students.

The University will endeavour to:

  • Ensure that employment practices are fair, equitable and merit based
  • Promote an environment that is free from unlawful discrimination and harassment
  • Address the effects of disadvantage and discrimination experienced by diverse groups in the community

We can all contribute by making a personal commitment to respect others and not cause them distress, discomfort and/ or disadvantage, and:

  • Acknowledge that others have different, but equally significant, cultural and social backgrounds, beliefs, opinions and levels of tolerance
  • Be mindful of verbal and non-verbal cues indicating offence or embarrassment, and cease behaviour that may cause distress or discomfort to others
  • Value the positive contribution that diversity makes to the University and Australian society
  • Increase your awareness and understanding by participating in Equity and Diversity events and programs

Equal Opportunity

Policy to support our commitment to equal opportunity in employment and education for all staff and students.