Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Staff Stories

ACU Cultural Mentor Cassandra Gibbs talks about how her work at Yalbalinga Indigenous Higher Education Unit is demonstrating to young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people how University is a place for them, and how tertiary education is making a difference to communities.

An ACU Midwifery Lecturer talks about her role in the Away From Base which supports Indigenous women from all over Australia to become midwives and make difference for mothers and babies in their communities.

ACU Administration Officer David Pitt explains how the First Peoples and Equity Pathways Directorate creates a culturally-supportive environment that enables Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to overcome barriers and achieve their dreams. His son Nathan, a first-year Psychology student, talks about how ACU is facilitating his interest in providing outreach mental health support to remote communities. He shares how a tutoring program offered through the Weemala Indigenous Higher Education Unit has helped to get his studies off to an excellent start.

Dr Fabri Blacklock talks about her success with multiple Australian Research Council (ARC) grants and how the power of positive psychology is being used to improve the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. She is also undertaking a large-scale research survey across Australia to explore what factors help Aboriginal and Torres Islander people to gain employment opportunities. She encourages other Indigenous Australians to consider and academic or research career and shares what she has learned in her journey to a research pathway and obtaining ARC grants for her projects.

ACU Media and Communications Officer Kristy Porter on why she loves working here and telling the inspiring stories of our students and staff. Hear about the supports ACU offers for staff.

ACU Management Accountant Alex Graham talks about how opportunities at ACU enabled him to complete his CPA and progress his career.