Professional Development

Using the Leadership Competencies to develop our leaders, we can enhance the skills and performance of our leaders.

Leadership development should focus on:

  • Closing any gaps first - develop competencies operating below the target level in the current role, then
  • Professional development - develop to enhance performance in the current role to remain engaged, challenged & skills refreshed.

Once an individual is meeting the competencies in their current role, you can then build on their competency strengths for future career planning.

In the professional development section of the annual Performance Review and Plan, record 2-3 competenies for the staff member to focus on in the coming year.

Refer to pages 12-14 of the Leadership Competency Framekwork: Guide for Managers for guidance on this step.

In addition, there is also a Leadership Competency Framework: Development Guide which has more in depth information and a  table of development activities.

Applying Leadership Competencies in Professional Development