Managing for Performance

Using the Leadership Competencies to assess performance, we can better align an individuals performance with the key behaviours and attributes required of ACU's leaders.

By identifying the competency level a staff member consistently operates at and comparing this with the target level in the position description, we can identify a staff member's:

  • competency strengths (operating at or above target level), and
  • competency development areas (operating below target level).

This assessment will inform future development activities.

In 2013 (a transitionary year),  supervisors and staff member's will jointly identify the competencies where the staff member would benefit from development support.

In subsequent years, supervisors will assess a staff member's competency levels as part of the annual Performance Review and Planning process.

Refer to pages 10-11 of the Leadership Competency Framework: Guide for Managers for guidance on this step.

Managing for Performance and LCF