Career Planning

By using the Leadership Competencies in career planning, we can identify and develop leaders for the future.

The matching of an individual's competency strengths to future roles can allow for the design of career pathways that build ACU's leadership capability, and support staff member's realise their career aspirations.

During the annual Performance Review and Planning process:

  • discuss the staff member's career aspirations,
  • identify their relative strengths and areas for development against all the competencies,
  • identify potential future roles, and discuss if these roles fit their aspirations.

Following this discussion, analyse the gaps between the competencies and levels the staff member demonstrates today, and what will be required to be successful in roles they aspire to in the future.

This analysis will inform future development activities.

Remember, only once the staff member is operating at the required level in their current role, should you encourage them to start thinking about developing competencies required for future roles.

Refer to pages 15-16 of the Leadership Competency Framekwork: Guide for Managers for guidance on this step.

For a range of suggested competency development activities and more in depth information refer to the Leadership Competency Framework: Development Guide.

LCF in Career Planning