Recruitment and Selection

Using the Leadership Competencies to recruit and select leaders, we can better identify individuals who demonstrate the behaviours and attributes required of our leaders.

To do this you first need to identify:

  • relevant Leadership Competencies and target levels in the position description; and the
  • 2-3 competencies from the selection criteria to focus on during the selection process.

At interview you then need to assess how well an individual performs against the Leadership Competencies by: 

  • asking competency based questions during the interview, using probing questions to understand what they actually did, said, thought and felt.
  • Rate the candidate during and after the interview to identify the competency level they consistently operate at.

Once a candidate has been selected, identify 2-3 competencies for the new staff member to focus on in the probation criteria.

Refer to pages 6-9 of the Leadership Competency Framework: Guide for Managers for guidance on these steps, and:

Recruitment & Selection in LCF