Leadership Competency Framework

ACU's Leadership Competency Framework develops and strengthens the capabilities of our leaders and affirms ACU as a leading Australian university.

* Please note: The LCF being replaced with the Capability Development Framework (CDF) from August 2016 onwards. The CDF builds upon the LCF, but is an expanded framework which describes the essential competencies needed in all staff at every level of the University. For processes that began under the LCF and are currently in train, a period of transition to the CDF will apply. For more information, please contact Capabilities and Development on 02 9739 2158 or learninggs@acu.edu.au Access to the LCF resources below is provided to assist you during the transition.

LCF Resources

The Framework will assist ACU to Preserve our Essential Character, Work Collaboratively and Lead Our Future Success.

Nine key competencies have been identified as essential to the University's future success.

The Framework is a key initiative to support the implementation of ACU's Strategic Plan Key Result Area 4.2 "Workforce Involvement, Profile and Productivity".

For an overview of the Framework and how it's applied you can read our fact sheet.

ACU's Leadership Competency Framework

Outlines the competencies for ACU leaders. 

Where to apply the Leadership Competencies

Learn about Leadership Competencies in people management practices. 

How to develop Leadership Competencies

Use competencies to improve your leadership performance. 

What are leadership positions?

The positions the Leadership Competencies apply to.