Development Opportunities for Managers and Supervisors

Throughout the year
The University runs a suite of training programs in-house to support managers and supervisors to build a range of skills such as: managing change, recruiting, giving effective feedback, holding Performance Review and Planning (PRP) conversations, managing performance issues and preparing for Academic Promotion.  Please browse the Training and Development listings for more information on upcoming training workshops and video conferences and to register for a session.

Leadership & Accountability of the Supervisors Program

The Leadership & Accountability of the Supervisors Program will assist supervisors to understand the context of their role at ACU and the expectations and responsibilities of undertaking this important role.  Participants will receive an expanded understanding the University’s governance structure (Company, Senate and organisational management) and responsibilities to the law.  The program will explore the University’s expectations of the way that supervisors will make decisions within a framework, and also implement policies to provide direction, ensure objectives are achieved, identify and manage risks, and use resources responsibly with known accountability.

Graduate Certificate in Higher Education

Throughout the year
The Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (GCHE) is a qualification for university teaching, offered by ACU's Learning and Teaching Centre. The GCHE is open to degree-qualified academic and professional staff members who are directly involved in teaching. Ongoing sessional staff members are also eligible with approval from their Head of School.   The GCHE promotes the scholarship of learning and teaching in higher education through evidence-based practice. For more information visit the GCHE webpage or browse the Training and Development listings for upcoming GCHE workshops.

Certificate IV in Leadership and Management Scholarship

A Certificate IV scholarship program is designed to develop leadership and management competencies.  This 18-month program is run by TAFE and aimed at professional staff Supervisors, Assistant Supervisors and Team Leaders who are continuing full-time or fixed-term staff who have been employed by the University for a period greater than two years in duration. These staff members may supervise others, give direction and lead teams, have responsibility for the work of others, be involved in decision-making and apply their skills and knowledge to a variety of workplace situations.  For more information read the policy or contact

eLAMP Scholarship

The Emerging Leaders and Managers Program (eLAMP) is offered by ACU and the LH Martin Institute to support new and aspiring leaders in developing their skills to manage confidently and effectively.  The online, self-directed program is endorsed by the Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM) and covers up-to-date best practice information.  The eLAMP is a 15-month program suitable for Professional Staff in HEW 6, 7, 8 or above (Team Leader, Supervisor or Manager) and those who are new to management roles.  It is also suitable for Academic Staff in Levels B and C or above (in leading and managing roles), as well as academics who are new to management. The eLAMP contains four modules which require approximately 30 hours of work/reading each.  For more information contact

Learning and Teaching Conference

Held every two years
This one-day conference is open to all staff responsible for learning and teaching at ACU.  The last conference in July 2014 launched ACU’s four-year teaching framework called ‘Learning for Life’.  The conference featured keynote speakers who explored topics including the use of new media in education, and using learning outcomes to drive online learning design that is fit for purpose. A series of peer-reviewed workshops were also presented on a variety of topics.  Visit the Learning and Teaching Centre website for more information.

External Professional Development

There are also a number of programs run externally by the Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM), the LH Martin Institute and Australian Higher Education Industrial Association (AHEIA) throughout the year. ATEM’s offerings include the Middle Managers Program and Project Management Essentials, and AHEIA programs include Managing Very Difficult Workplace Behaviour and Managing Performance. You can browse upcoming AHEIA training programs.  In addition, the LH Martin Institute for Higher Education Leadership and Management offers Executive Education programs which have been developed through collaboration with a range of local and international organisations to understand development requirements specific to the higher education sector.

LH Martin Institute Executive Education Program

The national leadership and management institute for the tertiary education sector.