Professional Development for Academic Staff

There are a number of programs designed to support the professional development of Academic Staff.  

In addition to the below policies, you should also refer to the Learning and Teaching Centre for more information on academic learning and development opportunities.

Research Study Program (RSP) for Academic Staff

Opportunity for academic staff to apply for release from teaching and other duties to concentrate on research that is aligned with the University‚Äôs strategic research objectives. 

Professional Learning for Academic Staff

ACU's approach to support the professional development of academic staff. 

Study Support for Academic Staff

Opportunity to apply for study time and financial assistance for study relevant to your current/future role. 

Mentoring of Academic Staff

Opportunity for staff development through mentoring. 

Childcare Support for Female Academics

Opportunity for female academics returning from parental leave to apply for research awards that assist in re-establishing their research profile. 

Higher Duties

Arrangements for the payment of a higher duties allowance to Academic Staff required to act in a position of higher classification.