How to Register for a Workshop

Workshop Registration Instructions via Staff Connect

  1. Log-in to Staff Connect – this is the same log-in used to access your computer
    If you cannot log-into Staff Connect, please email
  2. Click on ‘Professional Development’ under menu (left hand side)
  3. Click on ‘Course Search’ under menu (left hand side)
  4. Click ‘Submit’ (do not populate anything in this screen, leave as is, with ‘all’ in the first line)
  5. Click on the title ‘Course Type Description’ to order the Workshops alphabetically
  6. View details of the course of choice by clicking the paper and magnifying glass icon
  7. Cllick ‘Book me on Course’
  8. Add any comments if necessary and click ‘Submit’

How to check if you have successfully registered

You can check if you have registered successfully by clicking on ‘My Courses’ under Learning and Development and the course should appear under ‘Incomplete Courses – Unapproved’.
Please Note – Once you have registered for a course, a request will be sent to your nominated supervisor and once approved, you will be sent an email. If you have not received an email within a few days of making the nomination, please follow up with your supervisor. You are not a confirmed participant until approval has been received from your nominated supervisor.

Once you are confirmed, the responsible Organisational Unit will send you confirmation details for the Workshop at least one week before the session.
Please direct any questions or comments to the responsible Organisational Unit. Please check the invitation for these details.