Pay Date Change

Pay Date Change

The ACU Staff Enterprise Agreement 2013-2017 includes a provision to change the fortnightly pay cycle, and this was implemented in November 2014 by moving the pay date back by one week.   Previously, staff were paid in advance (i.e. before a full fortnight of work has been completed).  The change to the pay cycle means staff are now being paid in arrears (i.e. after a full fortnight of work has been completed).  The change has been applied to all staff paid through the ACU payroll. 

To give effect to the pay date change, the pay which would normally have been scheduled on 5 November 2014, was moved back by one week to be paid on 12 November 2014.  During this time, there was a period of three weeks between pays rather than the normal fortnight.  One of the support measures provided for staff during the change was the early payment of annual leave loading which, for those staff entitled to it, was paid on 5 November 2014 - rather than in December as normally occurs.

For further information about how the pay date change was implemented refer to the information sheets and other resources below which were made available to assist staff to understand and prepare for the change.

Information Sheets
•    Continuing and fixed-term staff
•    Sessional staff
•    Casual staff
Other resources:

Change to Pay Date Proposal and Staff Consultation Process (June-July 2014)

Prior to a decision being made about the approach to changing the fortnightly pay cycle, there was a staff consultation process.  The information made available to staff during this process is provided below.  You may find this information useful to understand the background and context for the pay date change.  Please read the new Information Sheets and other information above to understand the arrangements for implementation.